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I am a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, in full-time private practice, in both Chevy Chase, Maryland (Friendship Heights) on the border of Washington, DC, and in Middleburg, Virginia. I provide psychological evaluation, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. My orientation is developmental-psychodynamic. This means I think in terms of helping people grow, understanding why they have their current struggles and helping them to recognize and use their strengths to overcome their difficulties. I enjoy working with people through the life span. On any given day, I see middle schoolers, teenagers, college students, adults of all ages and senior citizens. My patients come from all walks of life and from a diverse array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 


I have expertise in anxiety, school-life balance, work-life balance, relationships, improving self-esteem, overcoming shyness, sexuality as well as other difficulties. In addition, I have two areas of special interest: First, I help anxious adolescents feel comfortable in their own skin. I recognize that parents are the most important people in their teens lives (even if their behavior suggests, otherwise). I know that parents can play a valuable role in the therapy process. When helpful, I collaborate with colleagues to make use of parental knowledge and insight. Second, I am very interested in the body-mind connection. For decades, I’ve developed this interest in tandem with my psychological and psychoanalytic skills. If this interests you, feel free to ask me about it.


About Me


Since 2005, I’ve been in full-time, private practice, working with people from middle school through late life. In 2012, I was invited to teach a course on psychoanalytic technique as well as a course on psychoanalytic evaluation at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. In 2015, I was asked to Co-Chair the Psychoanalytic Fellowship. In this role, I teach licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and others about psychoanalysis. I greatly enjoy this work. Also, I provide clinical supervision to less experienced colleagues and clinical psychology graduate students. 


I completed psychoanalytic training in 2010 and earned my doctorate 2004. Along the path to becoming a psychologist and psychoanalyst, I have, simultaneously, pursued training in an integrative approach to the mind/body connection. When appropriate, I integrate this knowledge in a meaningful way with psychotherapy. I also often collaborate with other health professionals such as nutritionists and physicians. If you think that I could be helpful, to you or your teen, or if you you would like to learn more about my approach, I welcome your call: (202) 270-2370. 

About Me
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